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This Blogger Knocks Vegan off Moral High Horse in Hilarious Tumblr Post

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Photo via Pexels.

This is the first in a weekly series we at VICE Impact call "Slay of The Day," which highlights a social media post that left us shook and challenges the way we think about advocacy in the digital age.

Tumblr isn't just any social platform it's a unique space where fandoms and social justice warriors share content about pop culture, politics and porn. Given Tumblr's reputation of hyper-political correctness, it's become a slight parody of itself. Despite the aggressively pointed nature of some Tumblr users, the site is a breeding ground for young activists looking to share information.

Case in point: The post below.

Eating meat, particularly beef, has a huge impact on climate change because of the production of greenhouse gasses and use of water. But, as Tumblr user empyrean-sea points out it doesn't necessarily give vegans a moral high ground.

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