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King Krule Soaked NPR's Tiny Desk in 'The Ooz'

The scruffy prince of South London served up 16 minutes of lounge chaos on your favorite office-based concert series.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I've never seen anyone look more incongruous in an office environment than King Krule and his band as they play the NPR workroom in a new Tiny Desk Concert, which you can see above. That's probably because offices are symbolic of stability and containment, and the music King Krule plays, in particular from his new album The Ooz (which, if you're interested, is officially the Third Best Album of 2017™ according to your pals at Noisey), is the exact antithesis of both of those two concepts.


Over the course of a meandering 16 minutes, Archy Marshall and co. traverse The Ooz's sticky, black landscape, playing a set formed of "Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)," "Logos" into "Sublunary," and "Lonely Blue." It's an immersive watch and listen, and Marshall's ability to totally flood the space with his sound is testament to the world he's built on his second album as King Krule. Dive in—just don't come crying to me when you emerge soaked in more than one bodily fluid.

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