Exploring the 'Limitless Future' of a Weed Extract That Doesn't Get You High

We toured the Elite Botanicals laboratory in Colorado to see how CBD—a purified weed compound—gets made from start to finish.
September 18, 2017, 7:12pm

CBD—a purified weed compound that won't get you stoned—is used to treat everything from breast cancer to stress relief, and epilepsy to aching joints. Because of its wealth of widely studied medical uses, the extract is as versatile as it is complex—and takes an expert to understand exactly how the wonder drug works.

On this episode of Weed Tech, we met up with David Bonvillain, who runs the CBD company Elite Botanicals. He gave us a tour of his Colorado laboratory to see how CBD gets made from start to finish—and to walk us through the science of what makes the extract so useful and powerful.