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Macy Gray still makes her entire crew do shots of Fireball before shows

Macy Gray is the latest in the throne chair on The Vice Interview.

A lot has changed since Macy Gray won her first Grammy. But some things never will.

She's still obsessed with Goldfish and strongly believes they're the superior snack. Before every show, she still makes her crew take fireball shots, so they can be on the "same level." And she's still chipping at her gambling debt from frequent visits to Las Vegas.

The ugly side of being famous doesn't really reveal itself until it's too late. After over 20 years in the business, she's got some wisdom on how other artists figure out how to play the game.

"Your out is always that you're young. You're new at the whole fame and being a artist professionally," she said as a word of advice to younger artists. "There's a real craft to fame and how to handle it and how to keep it."

Macy Gray's latest album Ruby is out now on Artistry Music.