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Monthly Horoscope: Leo, November 2018

Welcome to Scorpio season!

November opens with the sun in Scorpio—one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac—and you are finding yourself in a quiet, private mood, feeling nostalgic and eager to connect with your family and to tend to things at home. You’re in an especially sensitive mood as the sun connects with Neptune on November 6, finding you exploring your deepest emotions and examining old baggage. This is a wonderful time for healing! But be careful—Neptune is a creative and whimsical energy, but it’s also the planet of delusion and paranoia. It might be hard to stay grounded early this month—avoid any situation that finds you over-analyzing things or getting into a negative head space!


Uranus reenters fellow fire sign Aries on November 6, which will bring some unexpected and exciting opportunities to travel and learn your way. If you fell as though you’re drowning in a sea of emotions early this month, keep yourself in a good place by creating a vision board about all the places you want to visit—the past is worth revisiting, but you have so many new and unexpected places to go.

A fresh start concerning issues at home and with your loved ones arrives on November 7, with the new moon in Scorpio—this is also an especially wonderful time to clean up your apartment, tend to your altars, and simply make time for yourself to walk down memory lane. As you’re in this sensitive and nostalgic mood, you’ll also find yourself rethinking your feelings about issues like privacy, safety, security, and boundaries. November 11 is a day to circle on your calendar, especially for productivity—your ruling planet, the Sun, will make a harmonious connection with Pluto, helping you tackle your to-do list. You’re in an emotional place early this month, but business is still being managed.

You’ll work through many emotionally-charged issues, especially when action planet Mars enters sensitive water sign Pisces, encouraging you to cut ties with your past and courageously face the unknown. Passion is sure to fire up in your sex life, too, as Mars moves through this sign—deep intimacy is achieved. Pisces is a very psychic, empathetic energy. A profound shift takes place on November 24, as Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces—again, this is a phenomenal time for healing, but you must not get wrapped up in paranoia or delusions. Perhaps don’t binge watch any scary television shows, stick to comedy!


Lucky planet Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on November 8, bringing big blessings to your love life! Expect a big surge of creative inspiration to arrive—Jupiter is the planet of growth, and you’ll be expanding in brilliant ways over the next year or so. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until December 2, 2019, and over the next year or so, you'll find yourself having a lot of fun—just be careful not to be too indulgent! This is a fantastic time to meet and date someone new, or if you’re already settled in a partnership or seeing people you have a great time with, expect the fun to continue and for many more happy memories to be made.

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Communication isn’t especially easy during this time because Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty, and values, is retrograde in Libra—however, an easy vibe will flow in your relationships on November 9, thanks to Venus connecting with Mars. Venus retrograde won’t last long—it ends on November 16, which happens to be the same day that Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its retrograde. While plenty of fun is in the air, you'll have to watch out for miscommunications and delays this month. Avoiding making important commitments or signing contracts, traveling, or making big purchases—Mercury is all about the details, except when it’s retrograde and especially in wild and free Sagittarius.

You might find yourself committed to too many celebrations this month—frustrating, but also not the worst thing that could happen! Sagittarius season, aka party season for Leos, officially begins on November 22, and drama soon follows in the form of the full moon in Gemini, which will find you letting go of some friendships or associations that no longer serve you. A climax arrives in your love life, and in your creative endeavors as well.

November 26 and 27 are dates to circle on your calendar, as the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury connect, bringing a boost in confidence and creativity, and important information will come your way—just watch out for know-it-alls! Also on November 27, Mars will connect with Saturn, helping you work through an issue that needed assistance or was coming along awkwardly—reach out for help from someone who has been through that experience, and remember that Mercury is retrograde, so things are likely to continue to shift. Venus will also oppose Uranus on November 27, finding you embracing a change in perspective and bringing exciting news your way. Good luck this month, and see you in December!