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Infant Island Carries the Torch for Virginia’s Proud Screamo Legacy

Listen to the band's debut LP that keeps the state's hardcore flame burning.
Photo by Katelyn Kibler

Virginia has often been dubbed “the screamo capital of North America.” Having once served as a home base for the extensive family tree that spread out of pg. 99, the state is now birthing a new crop of bands in a similar vein. The state is something of a mecca for those in the hardcore scene who prefer thoughtful, emotional hardcore over the windmills and breakdowns that have historically marked the scenes of New York and Boston. Based an hour north of Richmond in Fredericksburg, Infant Island carries on this proud regional tradition on their new self-titled album.


An impressive debut showing, the seven-song LP makes clear nods to its screamo forebears. The four-piece belts our the aggression hard at times, with singer Daniel Kost’s voice crackling and squealing at the top of its range, but pads it with serene atmospheric vibes that would make City of Caterpillar proud.

The LP will be released on August 1 via Middle-Man Records, Conditions Records, Zegema Beach Records, and Dingleberry Records. Listen to the whole thing and catch Infant Island on tour at the dates below.

8/2 — Boonton, NJ @ Boontunes
8/3 — Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel Arts Collective
8/4 — Montréal, QC @ Geist House
8/5 — Toronto, ON @ New Friends Fest (Faith/Void)
8/6 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Café Verona
8/25 — Richmond, VA @ Hypercube
9/22 — Chicago, IL @ Bottom Feeder Fest