Catch Up on Some of Noisey’s Best Longreads
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Catch Up on Some of Noisey’s Best Longreads

From West Coast rappers to mysterious Detroit hardcore bands, here are our favorite stories of the year so far. For your reading pleasure.

If you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you’re out in the world somewhere, looking for reading material. Maybe you’re on the beach or by the pool, flicking through your phone until it overheats and you get that warning message. Or maybe you’re on a plane on the way to a week of vacation (post Instagrams so we can live vicariously through you from our bloggin' desks). Or maybe you’re just waiting on line somewhere, staring at your phone to avoid human interaction at all costs (respect). Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered with thousands upon thousands of words. A few of them are even good!


We’ve got a bunch of series on Noisey you can dig into. If you’re looking to finally get into music’s most celebrated artists but are too embarrassed to ask where to start in their catalogs, we’ve got you covered with our Noisey Guide to Getting into… series. We’ve also got Rank Your Records, where artists agree to the excruciating process of playing favorites with their albums, and First Dates, where artists agree to the even more excruciating process of dating us.

Of all the features we’ve published this year, below are some of our favorites. And if you’re looking for some music recommendations, here are some albums that came out this year that might’ve sneaked under your radar.