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How Virgo Season Will Affect You, According to Your Sign

Virgo season will encourage us to become our best selves—a welcome change after a summer of retrogrades!
virgo Season
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It’s Virgo season, and according to our staff astrologer Annabel Gat, that means it’s back-to-school time! "I don’t care if you aren’t in school, now is the time to embrace organizing your pens and pencils," she says. "Just like a teenager giving your outfit the side eye, Virgo has very particular tastes, so get yourself some new sneakers, a haircut, or whatever you need to freshen up before autumn begins."


To be more succinct, it’s time to get your shit together. This is a time to get to your personal best, whether that means revamping your appearance, your relationships, or both. "Virgo season reminds us it’s better to do something right instead of rushed," Annabel explains. It’s also a time when we’ll be looking for intellectual satisfaction from our lovers and working towards seeing and accepting things as they are.

If you’re wondering what exactly all this means for you, Annabel has some foresights and advice for each sign during this pure and grounded season:


"Happy solar return, Virgo! It’s time for you to reconnect with yourself and reflect on your goals," says Annabel. "It’s been another journey around the Sun for you—have you learned not to be too hard on yourself and to allow yourself to receive as much as you give?" This Virgo season, take time to reflect on your own personal growth. Ask yourself how you’ve changed in the past year and where you want to be a year from now. This is a time to dive deep within yourself and really figure out how you’re feeling and why. Good luck!


Virgo season is a time for you to slow down and prepare to finish out the year, Libra. "Make like the Hermit card in the tarot (Virgo’s card) and catch up on some alone time before party season (your birthday season) arrives with the autumn equinox," suggests Annabel. She also wants you to keep in mind that Virgo season is a powerful time to develop your psychic intuition, so try to really tune into your gut feelings.



You’ve got a busy Virgo season ahead of you, Scorpio! "Virgo season is an especially social time of year for you, whether you're having fun with a new social circle, or networking for career opportunities, you will be busy sharing ideas with people," says Annabel. She also suggests finding a group or organization that shares your passion to get involved with. You’re going to need an outlet for the many brilliant ideas you’ll come up with throughout the next month.


"Virgo season finds you focused on your career and your reputation," says Annabel. "Now’s the time to think about your legacy and to enjoy the recognition and rewards for your hard work." The spotlight is going to be on you this coming month, and you should embrace it! It’s not every day that we feel appreciated for our hard work, so enjoy this while it lasts. Think about what you want to be remembered for and the steps you can take to make it happen.


"Virgo season will bring blessings your way if you’re currently in school or studying something, and it’s also a marvelous time for you to travel," says Annabel. Now is the time to take action towards expanding your mind—whether that means making a thorough book list and reading schedule, joining a capoeira class, or reaching out to someone you fell out with. It’s the last month of summer, what will you take away from the season?


"Virgo season is an intense time of year for you, Aquarius, one where you find yourself getting deeper entwined with your partners, emotionally and financially, too," says Annabel. "This is a powerful season for letting go of the past, and for tapping into your witchy side." As you give more of yourself to others—or one specific other—remember to take care of yourself as an individual as well. Doing so will entail letting go of grudges, and casting a spell may be exactly what you need to get that done.



"Virgo season is all about your relationships, Pisces!" says Annabel. "This is a great time to connect with your partners—in romance, in business, and hey, even your frenemies!" You’ll gain a new perspective this season that will have you ready to reconnect with people, even if learning to compromise in your relationships is part of the deal. If you’re nervous about reconnecting with particular people, remember to take your time allowing them back into your life. There’s no need to rush.


"People love to say that Aries love to start things, but never finish them—Virgo season is your time to prove that wrong," says Annabel. You’re going to be very busy this season and part of that will be starting and picking up projects. Motivation is in the air, so soak it up while you can in order to see your projects through. You won’t regret having something to show for your hard work.


As a hedonist, you’re used to satisfying your physical cravings, but this month, you’ll be craving something else from your partner(s): mental stimulation. "You’re a sensualist, Taurus, but you still need that intellectual connection to get turned on," says Annabel. "Virgo season will remind you of that." This season is all about romance and creative inspiration, but be ready to go a little deeper than you’re used to.


"Virgo season is here, which means the sun is lighting the sector of your chart that rules your home and family," says Annabel. "On an emotional level, it will find you reflecting on your boundaries, your sense of privacy and security." With those reflections come realizations, one of which will be that it’s time to clean up your home and toss out the trash! Try to clear up your physical space at the beginning of the season so you’re not distracted as you focus on reflecting for the rest of the upcoming month.



"Virgo season is an especially chatty, busy time for you, Cancer," says Annabel. "Lots of talk is taking place!" It’s a good time to reach out to those who you share physical spaces with: think roommates, neighbors, siblings, your coworker, or all the above. You may also feel yourself itching to explore spaces close to home. Try walking or driving through parts of your neighborhood or town that you don’t usually see.


This season, the Sun lights up the financial sector of your chart. I know it doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s time to organize your money—people with their shit together are very sexy! The time has come to make yourself a budget and ask for a raise. "Issues around self-esteem also come up," says Annabel. "It must be because you spent so much time during Leo season staring at your reflection! Your perfect just the way you are, dear lion!"

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