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Daily Horoscope: August 27, 2018

Mars retrograde is over!
illustrated by Lili Emtiaz

The Moon in Pisces meets with hazy, foggy Neptune at 8:05 AM, making this a very dreamy morning—but Mars retrograde ends at 10:05 AM, which will find us finally moving forward with many projects, desires, relationships, and issues that have been stalled this summer. The Moon makes a harmonious connection with lucky Jupiter at 10:25 AM, and deep insights are made at 3:13 PM when the Moon connects with Pluto.


All Times EST.


Mars retrograde ends today, finding you moving forward around issues concerning your artistic pursuits as well as your love life. Scheduling issues will soon be sorted out, too. The full moon brought a big shift in your relationships this weekend, so make time to connect with your partners.


It’s been an intense summer for you, Libra, especially around expressing your anger or setting boundaries in your private life. The energy shifts now that Mars retrograde is ending, and your love life and creative endeavors will experience a shift soon, too.


Your ruling planet Mars ends its retrograde today, Scorpio! You’ve learned a lot about your communication style (like: be a little wiser with your stinger when you work with people!) and how to set better boundaries. Things start moving forward around these themes now.


Shifts around finances (and self-worth) arrive today with Mars ending its retrograde. Communication issues—especially how you express your anger—will also begin to move forward soon, too.


Mars retrograde ends today, finding you at a turning point concerning how you express yourself and your anger, and how you take action. Issues concerning cash (and self-worth) will begin moving forward soon, too.


Mars retrograde is finally over! It’s been an intense summer of examining your relationships with anger and action, and lately you’ve been exhausted. Things will start moving forward soon!



Now that Mars retrograde is over, you will feel a shift in your social life, and on a deeper level, how you achieve your dreams. Your next step? Get more rest, Pisces!


Finally, your ruling planet Mars ends its retrograde! It’s been brutal, Aries, but things are shifting, especially around your work and reputation. You’ll see important shifts in your social circle soon, too.


Mars retrograde is finally here, and you can feel the energy shift—especially around issues concerning travel, school, and getting the word out about projects you’re excited about. Soon, things are going to move forward with your career, too.


Mars retrograde is finally over, and with that, some complex issues concerning everything from cash to intimacy will begin moving forward. It’s also time to leave some anger in the past—it’s the only way you can go forward.


The end of Mars retrograde is here, and with the energy in your relationships will begin to shift. The ways you and your partners confront and tackle issues have undergone a reconstruction. Issues around sex and intimacy will begin moving forward soon, too.


Mars retrograde is finally over! Scheduling issues will finally become more manageable, and as you get back on track, you'll also find that issues in your relationships will soon straighten out, too. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.