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Watch Billie Eilish Talk ‘Spirited Away’ While Drawing Her Self-Portrait

“You can’t take drawing seriously. I just act like I’m still a kid drawing.”
Chicago, US

Billie Eilish’s mesmerizing debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? dropped last month and hit the top spot on the Billboard 200, solidifying the 17-year-old’s pop star’s meteoric rise. But while it’s been a crazy year for the L.A. artist, she found the time to stop by VICE’s Los Angeles offices to draw her Self-Portrait. During the interview, she talked about her love of Hayao Miyazaki’s filmography, having a crush on the dragon in Spirited Away, how she relates to The Babadook, and meeting Takashi Murakami, who collaborated with her on an Urban Outfitters fashion line. In fact, her own abstract and snake-like self-portrait feels pretty similar to a shirt the two released together. She said of the drawing, “It’s not my face. This is kind of my conscience. This is what I think of myself looking like on the inside.” Watch the whole thing above.