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This Animator Wants to Make the News More Like Harry Potter

Anna Salmi's mesmerizing GIFs are like three-second life stories.
June 21, 2017, 5:19pm

Workout fiend. Dance queen. Eagle eye. In short bursts of colorful animation, 24-year-old Finnish animator Anna Salmi posts the stories of recognizable archetypes with her own personal flair. Her five-second-films prompt blushes of recognition, while her editorial work sees her animating the stories of intersex bodies, conquering armies, hijabs, selfies, and Frank Ocean. "I would love to see a future where illustrations in newspapers move like in Harry Potter," Salmi tells Creators.


Salmi uses Photoshop on her tablet to animate each loop frame-by-frame. She studied graphic design at Aalto University, then did her BA thesis in animation. "I have learned that GIFs are very suitable for my needs because they are so short that I can make them myself from the beginning to the end," she says. "It's fun to try to fit the dramatic structure of a story into one looping animation."

Check out Salmi's work below.

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