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Put Down the Cans and Listen to This Week's Seven Most Played

We've got post-election music from Jackmaster, DJ Haus, Swing Ting and more.

Some of you reading this are probably very tired. You stayed up all night, banging those cans for Corbyn, tearing through blue bag after blue bag, slowly drinking Cambewell dry. There are rumours that certain parts of Leeds are facing extreme shortages of Kronenbourg, and a corner shop owner in Bristol has reportedly quit after earning several million from the sale of pint cans of Carlsberg Export alone.


I didn't do that. I didn't stay up for the election. I didn't crack a single cold one. Instead, I put together this list of the best music of the week just for YOU. Yes you. You now, ironically, owe me many, many, many cans. Thanks.

What did I find then? Well, I'll tell you! There was a steely, techno-heavy mix by Scottish party animal Jackmaster, some slow-motion, see-sawing oddball gravity-free club music from Nidia Minaj, and a luxuriously creamy bit of ambient dancehall from the Swing Ting boys. In addition to that, my ears pricked up at the sound of DJ Haus in typically jackin' form, Tech Support's sweaty, disco-ready peaktime slap, and the clicky-crunch served up by Dutch don Alden Tyrell. Rounding things off was JD Samson's suitably BIG set for Tim Sweeny in the legendary Beats in Space studio.


1. Jackmaster - Truancy Vol.177

2. NÍDIA - Sinistro

3. Alexx A-Game - Braver (Swing Ting Smooth Edit)

4. DJ Haus - Hot 4 U

5. Tech Support - Homage

6. Alden Tyrell - Vorm Variations 2

7. JD Samson - BIS Radio Show #889