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'Age of Mythology' Gets an Expansion Pack 13 Years After Release

A real-time strategy classic gets a new life.
Image: Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft Studios made a lot of real-time strategy game fans like myself happy when it brought Age of Mythology, the sequel to the Age of Empires series, to Steam with improved graphics and better modding tools.

Today, developers Forgotten Empires and Skybox Labs announced that it will create entirely new content for the game 13 years after it was first released with the Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon expansion pack.

Age of Mythology plays a lot like Age of Empires, where players build and manage cities and armies they send to attack other players, but with the addition of special god units that can cause all kinds of supernatural havoc.

Judging by the on-the-nose name and art released alongside the announcement, Tale of the Dragon will most likely add a little Chinese mythology to the game's mostly Western influence.

Image: Microsoft

The real-time strategy game audience, niche as it may be, isn't being served particularly well by big publishers these days, so reinvigorating the classics isn't a bad idea. It must be good business for Microsoft, Forgotten Empires, and Skybox Labs, because the studios have similarly created a new expansion pack for Age of Empires II (10 years after it was first released), and there's another one on the way.