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Someone Has Made Another Mash-Up of Every Nightclub Scene in Cinema History

It's the night out...from hell.

Depending on how good your memory is, you may or may not remember that we ran a story a little while ago on an amazing video that had appeared on Youtube. It was a smoothly edited, strangely gripping supercut of just about every time a nightclub—or somewhere similar—featured in a film. Well, the maker of said video, known to us only as Youtube user "ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA," has come through with a sequel, and it's even bigger and better than his last effort. This time, the cast list includes four different Bonds, Luke Skywalker, Ellen Ripley, Jimmy Conway, BB-8, Blade, Austin Powers and…well the list obviously goes on, as does the video—with a total running length of 17mins it pushes very much into the epic territory.


This fictional nightclub, "Hell's Club," looks equal parts amazing and completely fucking terrifying.

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