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Moby Responds to Election: "America, You Are So Much More Racist and Misogynistic Than I Ever Imagined"

The producer and DJ has taken to Instagram to mourn Donald Trump's unexpected win.
November 9, 2016, 8:25pm
Photo by Jessica Dimmock

Following the election of Donald Trump by a plurality of American voters, musicians and artists across the political spectrum have had to grapple—like the rest of us—with a new understanding of the people that make up this country. But few have had harsher words for the United States than Moby, who took to his Instagram account starting in the hours before the Associated Press' decision to call the election in favor of Trump.


Posting a few images of stark black text on a white background, he began: "America, you are so much more racist and misogynistic than I ever imagined." In a caption he explained himself further. "The USA is an inch away from electing a man who has ruined businesses, bragged about sexually assaulting women, and spewed racist hate speech," he wrote. "America you are breaking my heart."

The California-based producer has continued posting throughout the day, questioning the electoral college and praising the work that many did to attempt to elect Hillary Clinton. He also gets in a few more jabs at Trump, calling him an "ignorant bigot," "a hateful racist," and a "misogynist"—all descriptions that seem to line up with the words and actions of the man just elected as the president of this country. His first post after the results were confirmed poses a question that's been running through the minds of many over the last 12 hours: "What the fuck have you done???"