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Shagabond Galaxy Hops with “Miraj”

The new talent from Toronto's Exhume Music label spins dreamy future bass.
March 18, 2015, 4:20pm
Photo courtesy of Sean Vadaru

With such a sophisticated sound, it's hard to believe that Nicholas Arvantis, aka Shagabond, is just eighteen years old. The Canadian producer has already built a steady following in the UK and earned accolades from dance duo Bondax, who featured his track "Coral Soup" on their 2014 compilation album Bondax and Friends.

The Waterloo-born artist's latest track, "Miraj", is the first of six songs included on Exhume Music's collaborative selection, About You.

"I started making this track by experimenting with an arpegiator; it's easiest to write a song by beginning with something new," says Shagabond. The result is a laid back, bouncy jam infused with lush, melodic synths and vocal samples.

Listen to "Miraj" above and download About You today on Exhume Music.

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