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Kruse & Nuernberg Break Into Exploited Records With “Yokohoma Nights”

The German duo tread on new musical territory with eerie synths and silky melodies.

Hailing from a rural area between Kiel and Hamburg, Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg, aka Kruse & Nuernberg, have established themselves a distinctive part in the German house music scene.

Though they come from different musical backgrounds—Nuernberg dabbled in the drum & bass scene while Kruse preferred hip-hop and deep house—both artists studied Audio Engineering in school. Despite their different palates, they collaborated with the intent to form their own production style. "There isn't a certain pattern we try to follow. Each track has its own story," says Kruse. "For the first four years, we sat next to each other in the studio, jamming every day of the week. Currently, we're based in two cities—Hamburg and Berlin—so we work on tracks separately and share them via an FTP server. It's a back and forth process and gives us more space to experiment with sounds."


Yokohoma Nights is the pair's first release on the Berlin-based imprint Exploited Records. "We've known Shir Khan, the label's boss, for years. We love the sound of his label," says Kruse. "The great thing about Exploited is that you can't really say what's coming next because every single release is surprising and the variations in style and genre are diverse. Exploited consistently aims to produce quality music. That's a great approach for a collective and the reason why we're proud to be a part of the team."

As the follow-up project to Kruse & Nuernberg's Lost N Free EP, Yokohoma Nights is an eerie, synth-heavy piece graced with British songwriter Brolin's melodic vocals. You can listen to the title track below. "Yokohoma Nights is part of a change in sound. We've realized that the sound we play and the sound we produce are different. People who come to our shows expect more house music and less techno. That's one reason why we started to reinvent our sound and close the gap between our productions and DJ sets," explains Nuernberg.

Yokohoma Nights is Kruse & Nuernberg's second collaboration with Brolin. "Our first went extremely well," says Kruse. "Because of this, we decided to work with him on more tracks. He's such a great singer and has a very special sound in his voice, which we love."

Drinking their usual whiskey and cold beer, the two frequent their favourite nightlife spots in Berlin and Hamburg, such as Watergate and Villa Nova. Their plans for the rest of the year remain similarly enjoyable. Kruse sums up their ethos succinctly: "We want to make music, play some shows, and appreciate life."

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