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Exeter Underscores Your Next Nightmare with "Cartridges"

A Freddy Krueger inspired jolt to your subconscious.

Exeter openly cites Freddy Krueger as musical inspiration. Although somewhat uncanny, for Exeter, there is nothing else quite as suitable

Evan Doyle is Exeter, a Toronto-based producer and self-proclaimed visual musician. He works through a hybrid of dance music and pseudo-film scores to construct songs that play flush with your imagination. The first track on his self-titled EP Exeter is "Cartridges". If "Cartridges" were to underscore something spurred from your subconscious, you'd file it under nightmare. Stifled, staccato whispers are just loud enough to decipher as a human voice but lowered enough to wake up your arm hairs.

The self-titled EP by Exeter is out Rare Beef Records on May 11. Rare Beef Records is pairing with Canadian Music Week for a label showcase on May 7 in Toronto, where Exeter will be performing alongside Fanboy, HRMXNY, and Holloh. Find more information on the event here.

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