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There's a Crybaby and a Bicep in this Week's Seven Most Played

Start the weekend right with another batch of our favorite records of the moment.

We've been avoiding coming out and saying it, but alright, here it goes…summer is actually here! Which means for the next few months we get to preface every single thing we write about music with "perfect for those sizzling afternoons barbecuing in the park/eating hot-dogs/playing frisbee/snogging each other" and so on and so forth. This week's best plays are no different. Every single one, in its own way, speaks to those months where tunes aren't just for the commute. There's a premium new number from Awful Records regular ABRA, another acid-tinge roller from the Bicep boys working with Hammer and 1080p have carried on their stellar recent form with the burnt, lilting wash of Perfume Advert's "Mirror Shield". Then, for a dose of something raucous, there's Murlo's remix of AJ Tracey's absolute jam "Naila", and we've also enjoyed the recently revealed demo Hudson Mohawke recorded with babyangel, which has now ended up on the ANOHNI album but was initially intended for Rihanna's ANTI. Finally, Dekmantel have been too good to us this week, sharing both a steely podcast from Illum Sphere and the rolling Italo tones of Shanti Celeste's set from Lente Kabinet Festival. Perfect for those long sunny days dipping your feet into the oncoming waves and, well, yeah, you get the picture.



2. Bicep & Hammer - Aracari

3. Perfume Advert - Mirror Shield

4. AJ Tracey - Naila (Murlo Remix)

5. Littlebabyangel - demo(2) - rihanna - Littlebabyangel - 22 - 09 - 15

6. Illum Sphere - Dekmantel Podcast 073

7. Shanti Celeste - Live at Lente Kabinet Festival

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