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Simon Cowell Wants YOU for Ultimate DJ, The (Gulp) EDM X-Factor

Have you got what it takes to be the next Ben Klock?

Just when you thought the sight of royalty being taught to scratch was enough to make you want to cancel your plane flights to Croatia this summer, Simon Cowell, as is his wont, has gone and trumped it. The idea that was propositioned around a year ago has since been given the green light. Ladies and gentlemen, Simon Cowell is on the hunt for the next superstar DJ in Ultimate DJ.

Curiously, the opening rounds of the competition will consist of sending recordings (what's to stop someone just sending in an RA podcast?), which is then followed by "live challenges". Who can cross-fade the quickest, maybe? Who can beat-match two tracks at 115 and 120 bpm?.

As we all know, Simon has long been a champion for house and techno, with his Syco Entertainment responsible for the careers of such luminaries as Labyrinth, One Direction and James Arthur. In his own words, 'it made complete sense for us to collaborate with SFX Entertainment with their access to the best up-and-coming DJs, and their great marketing platform to build new DJ talent'. In case you were wondering, SFX are the entertainment company we took a close look at earlier this year on THUMP; the conglomerate behind such festivals as Tomorrowland, which has David Guetta and Avicci as its headliners this year.

Nevertheless, we must applaud Simon and his team of leading taste-makers for tapping into the Calvin Harris-shaped zeitgeist that has developed over the past couple of years, especially since this supposed "game-changer" will be the first DJ-related competition to follow in this format. And, for the sake of playing devil's advocate, think of the face-in-hands, toe-curling entertainment value here. Whilst it's pretty unlikely that the show is going to uncover the next Ben Klock, it's still bound to make for hilarious, car-crash level television.