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The Sun The Moon The Stars: The Planets Align With Astral People's 'Summer Dance' Series

THUMP exclusive video of Tornado Wallace and Mister Saturday Night In Action at Summer Dance
January 30, 2015, 8:57am

This one is easy. If you enjoy excellent music and you like the outdoors then Summer Dance is for you. Sydney's Astral People have teamed with National Art School to curate a series of Sunday sessions that bring their expert party hosting skills and impeccable music taste to an appropriate Summer setting in the middle of the city.

The line-up is like a daydream you don't have to wake up from, Moodymann, Kali, and Andras Fox, alongside a host of other local and international dance music heroes. Omar-S. We could go on. But why not check the video above instead, a vision of paradise from last week's party featuring Tornado Wallace and Mister Saturday Night. Get your sunscreen and your dancing shoes ready for the remaining dates.

More information on the Summer Dance series is available here