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Another One Bites the Dust: NTS Is the Latest Account to Get Shut Down By SoundCloud

This follows Jackmaster's recent wave of deletions and fellow independent radio station Berlin Community Radio's account deletion.

It's becoming impossible to keep track of all the great music being removed from by SoundCloud. Last week, Numbers head honcho Jackmaster had all of his mixes removed, so he generously responded by giving them all away in one giant zip, which he posted to Facebook.

As of today, beloved London radio station NTS has had its account deleted, meaning that years of work by residents DJs running the gamut from Ed Banger and Adrian Sherwood to DJ Spanish Fly, Endless, and Funkineven are now off the site.


NTS is only the latest organization/artist to be hit with this deletion problem. Previously, Berlin Community Radio's SoundCloud was deleted; Halcyon Veil artist Why Be had a number of his tracks deleted and responded with this algorithm-confusing Young Thug "remix"; Ryan Hemsworth's label Secret Songs had mixes deleted; and the list goes on. To stay tuned in to the action, follow "soundcloud deleted" search results on Twitter for never-ending updates.

It seems like now would be a good time to invest in Mixcloud. Or, even better, maybe check out Mat Dryhurst's new platform Saga, where artists get even more control over their content as its distributed throughout the web.

In the meantime, to get your NTS fix, just head over to their livestreaming website and check out their Mixcloud.

At the time of posting, we had reached out to NTS for comment but had not received a response.

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