Listen to the Tracks That Defined the Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene


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Listen to the Tracks That Defined the Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene

Here's your audio primer for our RAVE DAYS documentary.

In 1989, Melbourne's rave scene exploded. Far away from what was happening in the UK and US, the city's interpretation was unique. In our very-soon-to-be released documentary Rave Days: The Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene, we speak with some of the main players involved in Melbourne's biggest parties and venues of the '90s (Biology, Global Village Every Picture Tells A Story, M.U.D.). To commemorate the documentary's release today, we've compiled the tracks that soundtrack the film, and by definition, the era itself.


WATCH: Rave Days – The Birth of Melbourne's Rave Scene

Third Eye – New Life
Year : 1993
Label : Psy-Harmonics

FSOM – Track Six
Year : 1993
Label : Two Thumbs

Braden Schlager (Making Whoopie) – King Of Comedy
Year : 1991
Label : Monash University/Efficient Space (2015 Reissue)

Steve Robbins – Universal
Year : ???
Label : Sprmint Recordings

Braden Schlager – Morning (Rummage Mix)
Year : 1990
Label : Valley Of The Moon Midi/Efficient Space (2015 Reissue)

Third Eye – Transformation/Joy (R–E–Air, Oh Wah!)
Year : 1994
Label : Psy-Harmonics

Third Eye – Behold The Angel of Frequency
Year : 1990
Label : Regular Records

FSOM – Welcome
Year : 1993
Label : Candyline Records

Mystic Force – Mystic Force
Year : 1994
Label : Psy-Harmonics

Zen Paradox (Steve Law) - Drift Sequence
Year: 1998
Label: Unreleased

Little Nobody vs DJ Fodder - Cocaine Speaking
Year: 1999
Label: IF? Records

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