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Stream a Bouncing Remix of Kiesza Ft. Djemba Djemba's "Give It To The Moment" by South Africa's Nozinja

Stay tuned to more remixes by Toy Selectah, Laura Jones, Kosmo Kat, and Cassian.

Since the day she released the video for her 2014 worldwide smash, "Hideaway," Calgary singer/songwiriter Kiesza has climbed the ranks from unknown artist to household name. She's done tracks with Jack Ü, gone on a world tour, and performed on the sadly defunct Late Show With David Letterman. This year, the artist linked up with Team Supreme's Djemba Djemba to collaborate on a track called "Give It To The Moment." It not only gets the dancefloor rippling, but celebrates the geography-defying, universal power of music.


Teaming up with Smirnoff Sound Collective, Kiesza and Djemba Djemba invited a group of artists to help push "Give It To The Moment" even farther across the globe. This week, we'll be premiering a suite of remixes from Toy Selectah from Mexico, Nozinja from South Africa, Laura Jones from the UK, Kosmo Kat from Japan, and Cassian from Australia—all with their own idiosyncratic touches and local flavors. The showcase of diverse sounds and stylings kicks off with Nozinja's mix of the track, which brings together Kiesza's pitched up vocals, bells, and the kind of frenetic energy that will be familiar to anyone who's ever enjoyed a night out on the town in a big city—anywhere in the world. Stream it above.