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Here Are a Few Ways You Can Cure Your Coachella FOMO

Skip the dust, this right here is a must.

It's Friday and you're feeling saltier than a bag of potato chips because everyone you know is about to be Snapchatting themselves in front of whatever art installation will be featured at this year's Coachella. Like, even your super is there, and you're pretty sure he's never even left Brooklyn. We know how it is. That being said, thanks to the power of technology, there are ways to cure your FOMOchella. Here are a few of them:



For the first time in the history of the festival, the satellite radio conglomerate will be broadcasting Coachella in its entirety, featuring sets from the likes of Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Grammy-winner Cedric Gervais, Interpol, and alt-J. The broadcast will air on Alt Nation (channel 36) beginning Friday, April 10 at 2:00 PM EST. Select performances will also air on The Spectrum (channel 28), SiriusXMU (channel 35), BPM (channel 51), and Electric Area (channel 52). You can also tune in through the SiriusXM App, as well as online at


Once again, YouTube will be streaming all three days of Coachella. That means you can watch, dance, listen, and feel Coachella without getting off your couch or being prohibited to use a selfie stick. Did we mention you won't have to get your lazy ass off the couch? Peep the trailer below and head to YouTube for the real thing.


Remember the days before YouTube when satellite TV was the most futuristic way you could watch things on a screen? While that truth has been pushed into the endless abyss of the interwebs, satellite TV is still attempting relevancy with things like their Coachella live stream. It's all going down on channel 340 on DIRECTV and 167 on Dish. Unfortunately, Googling "DIRECTV Coachella" just tells you where to buy cable boxes in Coachella, California… so sadly not much more info here. Um, good luck though.

Jason Bentley

In addition to lending his velvety vocal chords to the aforementioned YouTube stream, JBents will also be be hosting a live broadcast for the first time ever on AXS TV. Featuring 20 hours of live coverage including select artist sets, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage, this will make you feel like you're at Coachella even more than a visit to American Apparel.

David's lazy ass will be watching Coachella from the couch. He's on Twitter.