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Watch Tosca’s Psychedelically Unsettling Music Video for “Export Import”

The opening track for the duo’s upcoming album gets an off-kilter visual treatment.

Just days from the release of their upcoming eighth album Going Going Going, downtempo veterans Tosca have shared the music video for one of its tracks, "Export Import."

After their previous vocal-heavy LP, 2014's Outta Here, the Austrian duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber chose to return to their instrumental roots. Opening cut "Export Import" sets the tone for the record, wading listeners in with mellow textures, dubbed-out guitar twangs, and babbling vocal samples (from the Dalai Lama, no less). The accompanying video, directed by Park Seungjin, is equally off-kilter. Shot entirely in black and white, it's a psychedelic parade of people wearing horse heads with an unsettling ending.

Dorfmeister tells THUMP over email, "Being the opening track of our new album Going Going Going, I feel like this song sums up the Tosca vibe for the whole record: the sense of going back to our roots—celebrating the combination of sparse grooves and this mixture of all different kinds of influences, from bits of jazz to weird vocals and found sounds," he wrote. "But at the same time it's not just us looking backwards but also converting these personal influences, the roots of Tosca's sound, into something for the future. We were very happy to work with the video director Park Seungjin on this track. Through this special visual language that he has he's really found the psychedelic quality of the track and created something that really sticks in the mind."

Watch "Export Import" above and pre-order Going Going Going here ahead of its February 10 release on !K7 Records.