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Enter the Violent World of Crossdressing Parisian Streetwalkers

"Don't Forget About Singapore" is short film collaboration between producer Edyth and director Julien Thiry

FAKE Music, the underground Parisian label responsible for the work of Feynman and Monomotion, have jumped deep into the film fame with Sudan-born producer Edyth and director Julien Thiry.

Their debut short film, titled "Don't Forget About Singapore," is a provocative look at the secret world of Parisian crossdressing streetwalkers. In the cut, our protagonist is a regular businessman by day, but by nightfall, the stockings are on and he's prowling the Seine for pickups.


What ensues is some sex, some violence, and some heartfelt moments of community, but the overarching question raised is that, even though he's selling his body by night, how does it compare to selling his soul by day?

That's for you to decide. Edyth's bone-rattling beats provide the musical accompaniment to what is one of the most challenging music videos you're likely to see this year.

Download the tune.

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