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Lee Bannon Announces His First Album as Dedekind Cut, '$uccessor'

It arrives November 11 via NON Worldwide and Hospital Productions.
September 1, 2016, 4:49pm
Photo by J.H.

Dedekind Cut, the new alias of the artist formerly known as Lee Bannon, is releasing his debut album this fall. $uccessor drops on November 11 via NON Worldwide and Hospital Productions.

Last year, the New York-based experimental artist announced the name change via Instagram, writing that as Bannon, he had "reached his limits," and that his current works "have grown to such an extreme that it must have its own pulse." Since creating Dedekind Cut—a project he says on Bandcamp page "draws out the dark calm of Coil, in the guise a modern approach to Noise, New Age and Ambient music"— he has released a series of EPs, including Thot Enhancer; a collaborative record with Rabit, R&D; and American Zen; as well as a grip of unreleased tracks.

Along with the $uccessor announcement is a first listen of the album's closing track "46:50," featuring Active Child's Patrick James Grossi. It's a serene slab of beatlessness that sweeps across the ears for most of its four minutes until the introduction of melancholic piano keys and haunting vocals that almost sound like ghost cries. It's an apt soundtrack to the album artwork (below), which depicts two men on horseback in what seems like the middle of nowhere during night's darkest hours.

$uccessor tracklisting
1. Descend from now
2. Instinct
3. Conversations with angels
4. Fear in reverse
5. Maxine
6. ☯ (Peace Symbol)
7. 5ucc3550r
8. Integra
9. 46:50