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Watch the Official Video For DJ Haus "Let's Get 2gether"

The Unknown To The Unknown bossman kills it—again.

If there's one thing that DJ Haus knows how to do, it's make you grin from ear to ear. As the bossman of the Unknown To The Unknown and Hot Haus labels, he's been banging out some of the tightest, silliest house belters for years now—and all pulled together by an aesthetic that, well, puts chin-stroking house fans to shame.

Part 90s rave nostalgia, part booty bass fanaticism, DJ Haus' sound is nevertheless rooted in the sounds of the UK underground. There's that fat and loose UKG swing throughout the madness, and his next offering really is a cut above.

Thug Hous Anthems Vol. 3 is dropping on June 30th, and to mark it we have the video premiere of "Let's Get 2gether;" a track so bouncing that we dare you to listen to it in headphones on public transport without wanting to dance with the stranger next to you. The visuals are, as ever, a melting pot of influences that are pulled right through his sound—think The New Dance Show meets DMT—and maybe a bit of FHM too. Basically, DJ Haus always keeps us on our toes.

DJ Haus - Thug Hous Anthems Vol. 3 is released on Unknown To The Unknown on June 30th.

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