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Brenmar's Video for "Hula Hoop" is a Dizzying Jersey Club Spin-tacular

The Lil Internet (Diplo, Beyoncé) directed cut is the first from the NYC DJ's "Award" EP

The Jersey Club scene has been evolving throughout the years, from gritty basement raves with underground champions like DJ Sliink and UNiiQU3 to a glitzed-out, festival-ready appropriation by the likes of Trippy Turtle and Cashmere Cat. All the while, it's been driven by the same thing: The hard-hitting energy is enough to get anyone grinding––Yes, even Ariana Grande. THUMP's SUB.Culture series captures the fast-changing scene in documentary form in a five-part series.


Fool's Gold Records' Brenmar, the mix-king of the New York party scene, is looking likely to be the new "it" kid in the Jersey Club scene. All year, Brenmar has been masterfully crafting a means to push 140 bpm to the limits. The result: the long-anticipated Award EP that is about to throw down that yo-yo.

Check out the first music video from EP, for the tune "Hula Hoop," featuring scene legend UNiiQU3. You may recognize the booty-licious postmodern filmography of director Lil Internet from Diplo's "Express Yourself" and Beyonce's "No Angel." Brenmar dope beats are accompanied by a babe-crew, including the Jersey Club queen Uniiqu3 and Guinness World Record hula-hooper Marawa the Amazing.

If the jarring beats of "Hula Hoop" made your ass shake like an earthquake, then listen to the rest of the Award EP out on Fool's Gold right now. Pro tip: prepare yourself body to let loose, because it really is just banger after fucking banger.

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