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The Bass Coast Halloween Party Will Be Summoning Ghosts and Goblins With Their 2015 Lineup

They'll be summoning ghosts and dancers to parties in Calgary and Vancouver.
All photos by JMH Images

The Bass Coast Halloween party will be summoning ghosts and goblins in two different provinces this year with its low frequency rumblings.

Expanding from their phenomenal outing last year on the haunted ship "Magic Spirit," which sold out in a matter of minutes, this year's Halloween party will be even bigger.

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Set forOctober 31st, both Calgary and Vancouver will offer costume parties, B-Horror movies all night long, and plenty of local talent to provide the tunes.


Vancouver's edition will have two stages: a rap and R&B oriented bass room and a house room that will metamorphosize into techno, like some musical Frankenstein, as the night progresses. Their lineup includes artists like Ryan Wells, Michael Red, Miss Myte, and many more.

Calgary's condensed lineup will show off all Bass Coast alums like Lorne B. and Isis Graham.

Full lineups and ticket info below:

Tyler Stadius
Ryan Wells
Miss Myte
Andy Soloman
Danny Corn
Michael Red
The Librarian
Eli MuroKid Kurse

Performance art by:
Marina Cat

Max Ulis
Lorne B
Isis Graham

Vancouver's Bass Coast Halloween will be at Van Art & Leisure on October, 31. Tickets and info are available here. The Calgary party will be happening on October, 31 at the HIFI Club. Tickets and info are available here.