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Do Your Bit for Nightlife and Take Part in this Year's Global Drugs Survey

Now in its sixth year, the GDS is the world’s largest online survey about drugs and drug use.
November 24, 2016, 2:50pm

It's not often that you get to look back on a big night out largely spent consuming suspect substances and think, "you know what, I really helped make a difference to the world last night." Well now, thanks to the Global Drugs Survey's 2017 launch, you (sort of) can!

Okay, so you probably shouldn't take this as as a definite green-light to get smashed this weekend, but for those of you who haven't come across it before, the Global Drugs Survey is at least a good way of channeling your experience into something positive.

The survey, now in its sixth year, is an international project, aimed at gathering as much information about drug habits and attitudes as possible in order to better inform and discuss how progress can be made. Last year's survey saw an unbelievable 100,000 people respond proving some enlightening and constructive results, which led to the birth of the Survey's "Don't Be Daft, Start With Half" campaign.

The topics of the survey take in everything from pill testing, to the police; from nightclub closures to vaping; from weed to wigging out—so it really is worth heading over and having a look. You might not think your Saturday nights through Sunday mornings are worth telling anyone about—and normally you're right—but in this case, it can make a real impact.

Take part in the survey here.