Mo Vaughn is Launching a Big and Tall (and Expensive) Clothing Line

"MVP Collections is made for gentlemen looking for modern styles in sizes that fit their personality and frame."
August 11, 2016, 7:40pm
From the MVP store.

Are you a big guy? Husky? Have trouble finding clothes your size? A Red Sox fan pining for the mid-90s? Prefer your designers to be former baseball players who never made it known they had fashion taste?

We've got the brand for you!

"MVP Collections is a solution inspired by Mo Vaughn's voracious swing and stylish taste."

That's right, Mo Vaughn, the formerly irritable slugger, has started his own fashion line. He's finally ready to give you the clothes you never knew you wanted. It's called MVP Collections. And his website catalogue pretty much says it all.

(Vaughn won the 1995 American League MVP award. It's fine. This isn't the time and place to debate that. OK, what the hell, he had the 14th highest WAR in the A.L. that year. Do you finally see the consequences of your choices 1995 AL MVP voters!?)

Some things to know: Vaughn was a big dude. He's listed as 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds by baseball reference. He was maybe, probably bigger than that.

This line fits his specifications. The size chart runs from XL to 4XL.

"Big men's clothing has had limited choices. Having clothing tailored can be costly which is why Mo Vaughn founded MVP. Call it what you want, Big & Tall, High & Mighty, MVP Collections is made for gentlemen looking for modern styles in sizes that fit their personality and frame."

MVP Collections looks like it comes in three categories, all modeled by Mo: Athleisure, MVP Night Out, and Weekend.

You can get the medium indigo Vaughn, which I think are jeans, for $148. Or a black t-shirt for $69. Nice.

Basically, it looks like Vaughn is trying to cash in on the relaxed haute look. Nothing wrong with that. We know athletes need to stay flush after they retire. But there is something funny about Mo Vaughn selling you $168 sweatpants.

This might just be the beginning for Vaughn, too. He loves shoes and might start a footwear line later.

"I'm a Donald J. Pliner guy," he tells "He's a family friend, and I wear a lot of his shoes. Being in athletics, we're always traveling, so I'd order 40 or 50 suits for a travel season, along with [a range of] shoes. I'm also a Nike Air Max guy and have a lot of custom-made alligator sneakers. At home, I wear sandals, [since] I never walk barefoot."

The Mo Vaughn fashion revolution is coming. It's going to be expensive and comfortable. You've been warned.