Theo Walcott Brings fan on Pitch, Gives Him Jersey off his Back

Theo Walcott did a cool thing for a fan.
January 9, 2016, 5:21pm

Arsenal beat Sunderland 3-1 in FA Cup action today and after the match, Theo Walcott pulled a young fan out of the crowd to bring him on the pitch for a quick celebration. The two did the jumping back bump thing—the kid kind of ate it on the way down, but give him a break he probably didn't even know where hewas at that point—and then they shook hands.

In the absence of @mertesacker, @theowalcott gets a fan on the pitch for the bump!And then gives him his shirt!
— Moh Haider (@ArsenalMoh8) January 9, 2016

The fan handled the handshaking much better than the back bump, so maybe he was feeling a little more confident, and before they could bring it in for the full handshake-bro-hug, he asked for Walcott's jersey. Walcott took it off and handed it to him and walked off the pitch to chants of "Theo." Said noted sports-hater and VICE Sports staff writer Aaron Gordon, "It was a nice little moment." Agreed.