Did This First Base Umpire Really Just Call This Runner Out?

From Alabama, by way of the internet, is a brief video of the most hideously blown out call in recent history.
March 10, 2017, 10:11pm

the umpire called her out.. RT if you think she was safe pic.twitter.com/KoVXa4febo
— kayla jasper (@kaylajayyyy4) March 10, 2017

Now, I'm not the most well-versed person when it comes to the rules of America's Pastime. But even I know enough about the concepts of "safe" and "out" to have some serious questions about what the hell is going on with this absolutely preposterous excuse for a call during this softball game. The victim of the call? A high school sophomore named Lindsey Harris of Jefferson County, Alabama. The explanation for how such a travesty of umpiring came to pass? Uh, let's call it pending.

There are parts of the video that are a little murky: the warm-up batter on the side seems to be hitting a ball right at the actual batter, there's a kid uttering some creepy incantations as he rubs his butt against the fence; the whole thing feels cut a little bit short, and has the general sense of something that could have been bobbing around on the internet forever. But the most obviously strange part of it is how the first base umpire throws back a hammer despite the fact that Harris crosses first a full 'one Mississippi' before the ball even makes it to the bag. And his call came a-whole-nother 'Mississippi' after that. How on God's green earth is that possibly an out?

Because the video is cut so short, we can't see that afterward (thanks to the reporting of Erik Harris of The North Jefferson News) the ump did not reconsider this obviously very bad decision. He eventually told the runner—who had, quite reasonably, stayed camped out on first while her manager chewed the ump out—to get off first so the game could resume. And it did.

There are some arguments in response to the original tweet that maybe the hitter was outside of the batter's box, or didn't tag the base, but, uh, that doesn't seem to be the case. We are left only with another mystery of the internet, and a crappy call for the ages.