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The Making-Of Polynoid's Gold-Drenched Video For Mouse On Mars

The German video team creates an extravagant digital treatment for the new single, “Polaroyced.”
March 8, 2012, 12:14am

Monkeytown Records, the label founded and run by techno kingpins Modeselektor, recently released a new video for Mouse On Mars, an electronica duo that have been dropping albums like they’ve got holes in their pockets since 1994.

Having parted to work on other projects since their last album Varcharz six years ago, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars have returned to the business of music making on the label that Modeselektor’s favorite musicians call home. Their new album, Parastrophics, came out at the end of February, and with it the explosive, gold dust video for their single “Polaroyced.”

In it, we follow a T-shirted luchador as he dances around his neighborhood, materializing bursts of metallic color and floating golden puppy statues with his movements.

Polynoid, the German video team responsible for the video, posted a director’s cut of “Polaroyced” on their Vimeo page, along with a making-of video to give us a peak at the conception and execution of the idea. After shooting footage of dancer Anthony Pangan, Polynoid 3D modeled the settings in order to apply gold to various surfaces. They also digitized a little pug, which appears as an army of gilded puppies rises into the sky. See the whole process below.