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Six Mil Antennas Is An Immersive Experience Of Futuristic Psychedelia

Johnny Ranger and Manuel Chantre collaborate on a project oscillating between deconstructed gravity and satirical humor.

Designed for the 360° environment of the Society for Arts and Technology in Montréal, Québec, this trailer (above) is an excerpt of a brand new version of Johnny Ranger’s Six Mil Antennas – The final cut, a movie transporting the audience into a futuristic universe. As Ranger states in the video description: “Inserting filmed actors in faux designed landscapes, the film creates non-linear narratives of a personal, social and political nature and expresses a complex intertwining multiverse, in which the characters and abstract landscapes evolve.”

Through contemporary electronic music and direct references to European filmmakers in the likes of Jean-Luc Godard, Gaspar Noé, or Ingmar Bergman, the artist and composer Manuel Chantre illustrates Johnny Ranger’s universe with a soundtrack resulting from a year of collaborative work between both artists. This is actually their third collaboration and it will be presented until the 31st of August at the SAT, in Montréal.