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This Is the Most Annoying Macbook Touch Bar App Ever Created

It's also kind of genius: an emoji sound board stuffed with pop-culture effects, from 'Law & Order', 'X-Files', 'Metal Gear Solid', and more.
December 16, 2016, 12:30pm

Apple gave its fans a couple inches of customizable touchpad on the new Macbook Pro, and boy have they taken a mile's worth of obnoxious mods.

The latest to grace the Touch Bar—joining the likes of a piano, Nyan Cat, a fart, and the original DOOM—is YouTuber REN's creation: A set of eight emoji, each triggering a goofy pop-culture sound effect. The Law & Order clanging sound, "Falcon PUWNCH" from F Zero's Captain Falcon, an alert noise from Metal Gear Solid, and of course a single watchful eye emoji for the X-Files theme.

REN writes in a comment that they'll make an app for it if viewers request it, so if you're needing a new way to irritate those around you, go ahead and reply in the video comments.

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