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Chris Pratt

Is a Real Life 'Jurassic Park' Coming to the Middle East?

The day after a new 'Jurassic World' trailer premieres, we explore the possibility of a real world dinosaur experience coming to the Middle East.
A dinosaur emerges in the trailer for Jurassic World. Screencap via

Anyone watching the Super Bowl last night should have gotten a healthy dose of hybrid dino terror, thanks to the new trailer for Jurassic World, but one currently in-development prehistoric attraction might bring the fear of messing with nature to an even higher level: Dinosaurs in the Wild is a project by the UK-based international private investment organisation Cocoon Wealth that aims to bring "the ultimate time-travelling dinosaur adventure to life" in the Middle East.


Dinosaurs in the Wild is "carefully crafted by expert designers, directors, animators, model makers, world-renowned TV and film documentary makers, animatronics and graphics, lighting, sound and production teams. Using state-of-the art features such as interactive room walls, moving platforms, hydraulic multi-direction motion cars, emergency escape routes, elevators and the most advanced technology used for bringing dinosaurs to life, Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to become the closest thing to the thrilling 'Jurassic Park' experience in the movie of the same name," according to the press release.

Could a dinosaur experience be coming to the Middle East? Screencap via 

Upon arrival, visitors to the future attraction will immediately be immersed inside the fictionalized, time-travelling "Time Base 67" space station, inside which they will travel "67 million years back in time to meet the fiercest of raptors, giant pterosaurs, herds of giant dinosaurs and of course, survive their very own encounter with the fierce T-Rex." According to deal facilitator Naru, Cocoon Wealth is still seeking the remaining 25% of investment capital, but who wouldn't want to be part of the dinosaur experience of the future?

Jurassic World comes out in theaters on June 12, 2015. 


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