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Soar 10,000 Feet Over LA with a Daring Aerial Photographer

'AIR Los Angeles' takes you behind the dazzling, dizzying lens of Vincent LaForet.

AIR Los Angeles from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.Screencaps via

Feet dangling from a bulky black helicopter, 10,000' over LA, Vincent LaForet leans forward into the night air to take a snapshot. Narrated by LaForet himself, documentary short AIR Los Angeles takes you sky-high as the sun dips down below mountain ranges and the valley lights up for the photographer’s eager lens.

Over the past few months, LaForet has captivated over four million viewers with his perspective-warping photos of San Francisco’s hilly vistas, Las Vegas’ abstract city lights, and New York’s unforgettable skyline, all part of his AIR series. “When the assignment came up to photograph the city at night, I said, ‘this is the time to go up really high and make some really unique images and that is really, organically how AIR was born,” LaForet says in the film. “It’s something I’ve wanted to shoot since I was 13 years old and I’ve waited 27 years for the technology to catch up.”


While simultaneously unveiling the photographer’s latest addition to AIR, Los Angeles 10K, the film also reveals a bit about the man behind camera, and his pursuits to share the “ironically intimate” images of cities from high up .“Where you’re up above it all and you can see how close things are,” he says “you realize everything is much more within reach than we all realize. And that’s the power of photography: to show you this.” Watch AIR Los Angeles above, and check out a few screenshots from the film:

Visit Vincent LaForet's website for more.


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