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Pixel by Pixel, This Design Team Constructs a Futuristic Wonderland of 3D Levels

Immersing a viewer into their ‘Land of Pixels,’ Atelier Olschinsky keeps with the motion in an ocean of complex designs.
Land of Pixels. All images courtesy the artists

Overlapping layer after textured layer within a never-ending staircase of bite-sizes cubes, the latest pixelated wonders from Atelier Olschinsky come off like wire-circuit M.C. Escher’s for the digital age. Titled respectively, Land of Pixels, Wire Frame, and Escherization, the modum operandi from the design team, spearheaded by Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss, never disappoints. A trademark use of see-through geometric shapes, especially rectangular figures and straight planes, create a subtle illusion of depth.


With highly cerebral designs and a palette of sheer colors, the overall effect screams part modern technology, part visual kinetic energy, rotating in a never-ending cycle.

Based in Vienna, Austria, the small design house Atelier Olschinsky has been producing works like these beginning from 2002. Since then, AO has developed nearly everything on the graphic design spectrum, from vinyl albums and magazine covers, to original typography.

On their biography page, Atelier Olschinsky shares their motivations simply as "It is…so important to work as much as you can, to learn and to be open to new things. The journey is the award." In other words, no distinguishable end in sight for this dynamic team.

Land of Pixels

Land of Pixels



Wire Home

Wire Home

To see more of Atelier Olschinsky’s artwork, visit their site, here. To see more of The Creators Project coverage of AO, click, here.


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