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These Aren't Abstract Paintings—They're Fields

Jakob Wagner captured his latest set of aerial photos on a 45-mile hot air balloon ride over Germany.
Images courtesy the artist

At a quick glance, the rows of repetitive shapes, simple color palettes, and hard lines in Jakob Wagner's new project could be mistaken for minimalist paintings. But instead of pigments and a brush, Wagner uses a camera, a lens, and a hot air balloon to create them. His new aerial photoset, Fields, is the product of a 45-mile hot air balloon journey across the German countryside, traveling from Gladbeck to Münster. Cherry picking the patches from the quilt-like countryside below, Wagner highlights the stunning patterns and shapes he saw along the way as stunning snapshots.


The series is a "personal project about abstract and graphical agricultural structures in the first morning light," Wagner explains on Behance. Much of Wagner's previous work involves dynamic, gritty urban photography, so a set like Fields shows the breadth of his skills. Thanks to Wagner's soft color palette and dedication to shooting at magic hour, the refreshing vignettes of nature and farming look like frames from a Wes Anderson flyover, or a sweeping shot from a Terrence Malick film. Enjoy a few of our favorite shots below, and check out the full photo set here.

Find more of Jakob Wagner's work on his website.


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