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3D-Printed Sculptures Show the Synaesthetic Beauty of the Daily Commute

'MentalMap' visualizes artist Claire Sauvaget's walk to work in the form of sculpture.
February 2, 2015, 5:00pm
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An invisible constant in the flow of each day is the expanse of time spent shuttling from one destination to another. Fascinated by the consistency of daily commutes, and the ideas that generate while walking them, artist Claire Sauvaget transformed her treks from home to the workplace into 3D-printed sculptures.

Known as MentalMap, the three resulting works were showcased last year as floating entities at LE FESTIVAL Contre-sens. These sculptures, explains Sauvaget, were designed to be “witnesses” to her daily movements. “They evoke machines, but also vessels, with their gears and their pieces interlocked, sparkling under the dark light,” she adds. The designs for the works first appeared in her mind as she strolled through town, before manifesting themselves as the urban symbols and synaesthetic shapes of her sculptures.

Below, take a peek at MentalMap:


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