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The Party Chair Really Pops

Mathery Studio dedicate a confetti-popping chair to Josie Geller from 'Never Been Kissed.'
Product Design and Art Direction: Mathery Studio. Video: Coco & Maximilian - Photography: Re

uben GatesImages courtesy the artists.

It's a seat with a surprise: designers at Mathery Studio have created Josie, a beechwood chair that pops colorful confetti the moment you sit down. Inspired by the geeky high school protagonist of 1999 rom-com, Never Been Kissed, who gets stood up by her prom date, “Josie was born from the idea of empathizing with a moment—the action of seating,” the team explains on their site. “Driven by the need to restore a WOW effect and sense of occasion, Josie celebrates the person who is seated and moreover, celebrates design.”


Watch the eye- (and ear-) popping Josie chair in action below:

Josie, the chair that pops. from Mathery on Vimeo.


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