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Surge Through A Psychedelic Abyss In LEON's New Music Video

'2033,' the latest video from director Thomas Blanchard, is a kaleidoscopic rabbit hole of swirling objects and beautiful faces.

Kaleidoscoping visions of pinwheeling flowers and singing Frenchmen await those who watch LEON's new music video "2033," directed by filmmaker Thomas Blanchard. Known for his fairy tale-like style, Blanchard captures a whirlwind of shapes, colors, and human beings in the music video's warping frame. This aesthetic is just the right accent to LEON's repertoire of sounds, including deep piano notes, gentle acoustic strummings, and waves of electronic flourishes.


The overall effect is easy to get lost in—now, we think we may know what it would be like if Lewis Carrol directed a Devendra Banhart video. To say the least, we're on board for this trip down the rabbit hole.

For more of Blanchard's mesmerizing videos, visit his website here.


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