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And Here's "99 Red Balloons"…Performed With Actual Red Balloons

This is obviously the logical conclusion of the viral track.

Andrew Huang is something of a YouTube star here in the United States and in Canada. Alongside buddy Andrew Gunadie, the two known on YouTube as Gunnarolla, they have now managed to land a small European tour thanks to Indiegogo. As a team, they will perform in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich over the next few days. In anticipation, Huang has taken on the feat of imitating a complete rendition of the instrumentals from Nena's worldwide hit 99 Luftballons, using the titular red balloons. He even reconstructed the individual drum parts by smacking the helium-filled party supplies. Without further ado, we now present the viral sensation remixed with squeaks, hisses, and rubbery beats. Enjoy.


Check out Huang's Facebook for more zany musical covers.


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