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The Vine Video Player Curbs Our Visual ADHD

Now you can literally hold your favorite six-second clips of RiFF RAFF and Bo Burnham
January 2, 2014, 7:42pm

The whole point of Vine is to get a six-second blast of (often hilarious) visual stimulation, an entertainment medium that rests somewhere among a GIF, photo, and short YouTube video. Well, design group Social Print Studio, is giving a nod to the past with its recent invention: the Vinelodeon.

Much like the Giphoscope, a tangible GIF-visualizer inspired by the Mutoscope from the 19th century, the Vinelodeon is a hand-crank operated device that allows users to fast-forward and rewind a Vine clip, not unlike a flipbook. Now you can get the frame-by-frame breakdown of Vine demi-gods like RiFF RAFF, Bo Burnham, and more because… why not? Vines are so quick and erratic that it's fun to see what they look like slowed down and controlled by a hand, rather than an iPhone button.


Social Print has a serious knack for creating technologically anachronistic devices, as their past inventions include the Printstagram (which doesn't need an explanation), as well as the Slow Message--a tool that allows you to draft emails today, but pick a date in the future for them to actually be sent (electronic snailmail). They force us to slow down our consumption of digital content and turn the hyper-speed deluge of information into something concrete and intimate.

The team also worked with The Creators Project on an interactive installation at our San Francisco festival in 2012. There, they made #Creators Live, which invited visitors to scroll through real-time Instagram photos tagged #creators.

Which Vines are worthy enough to become tangible? Let us know in the comment sections--the more puppy videos, the better.