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This Weed Crown Is the Latest Must-Have Coachella Fashion Accessory

It will be available to medical marijuana patients at a Palm Springs dispensary.
Photo courtesy of Lowell Herb Co

Coachella fashion is a world unto itself, with its own norms, rules, and regulations. While trends come and go, a recurring trope in recent years—an indisputable part of the basic grammar of Coachella fashion—is the flower crown, and it looks like this accessory de rigueur may have just gotten a 420-themed upgrade.

California-based marijuana growers Lowell Herb Co today announced that they're selling a flower crown with literal buds of weed in it for Coachella season, reports Buzzfeed. They're not available to everyone, though: you have to be a medical marijuana patient, and you only get them from the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary, where they come as a bonus item when patients order a $55 pack of weed called the Coachella Blend.

You most likely won't be able to get this crown past Coachella security, but it's definitely still a look.

Photo courtesy of Lowell Herb Co

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