A Year of Lil Wayne: "Help (Remix)"

'SQ2' is basically a pointless mixtape, but that doesn't mean it's not worth throwing on for a Sunday afternoon.
March 12, 2017, 6:46pm

Day 173: "Help (Remix)" feat. J Gudda and Peanut – SQ2 , 2002

It's funny how much time we as a culture devote to being the "best." Sure, Lil Wayne is an odd point of departure to talk about this, since he is the best, but nonetheless: There's this idea that dominates music these days that basically says if you're not putting out a highly focused, curated, perfect (in your eyes, at least) project then what's the point of doing it? But Wayne, who once again is the best, rose to the level of the best largely on the momentum of just doing a lot and doing it consistently. SQ2 is a great example of this because there are maybe three songs on it that aren't on one of the other Sqad Up tapes (and this is being generous, but I don't feel like looking up the tracklists of everything to confirm accurately). It is basically a pointless mixtape.

Yet it's a decent project to throw on during a Sunday afternoon, and this is clearly the standout track: To quote Wayne, "every new hour is a new dollar." To quote Wayne some more, "fuck inches, so from now on I be sittin' on yards." There's nothing about this song that screams "the best," but most of us aren't the best in the world at what we do either. That doesn't mean that whatever we do is worthless, though. So go out and do something this week, even if it's not the best you could have done. Tell 'em Weezy taught you.

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