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A Brewery Released the 1,000-Pack of Beer Nobody Asked For

It was originally intended as a joke, but some dudes have already bought the first one.

When it comes to slaking a modern thirst, sometimes a 12-ounce beverage just falls flat. In response, the beer gods have brought us the 40, the easy-to-carry-while-drunk 12-pack, and the difficult-to-fit-in-your-fridge 30-rack. Then, a brewery in Texas came out with the excessively large 99-pack because, you know, Texas.

But even in these days of conspicuous consumption, it was a bit shocking when a brewery in Finland said, "hold my beer" and came out with a liver-flinching 1,000-pack.


If you live in Finland, you can now arrive at your next party with enough beer to subdue (or instigate a riot at) a presidential rally. Courtesy of Finnish brewery Nokian Panimo, you get a Keisari 1000-PÄKKI (you can probably manage the translation on your own) for a sobering €2,149.20, or about $2,342.00 US. At more than $2 per beer, this is no bargain. But, then again, by the time you think buying 1,000 beers is a good idea, you've probably already had a few drinks.

Who, you may ask, is the target demographic for such a purchase? Survivalists stocking up for the apocalypse? A Burning Man beer camp?

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The company does confess that the idea was originally a "spontaneous joke." Yet, in a practical move, they put a May 1 deadline on buying the first one, saying they would likely break up the mountain of beer to be sold separately. Incredibly, that was not needed, as these guys ponied up for the purchase.

The Facebook page for the store that sold it says, "The First 1000-Pack is now sold in the comments! Three happy gentleman came in and pulled the whole caboodle aboard. Now spit spot to the store to get my 1000-Pack of emperor!" OK, Facebook translate—but you get the point.